Penelope Fletcher – Demon Girl (The Rae Wilder Novels Book 1)

I love reading books by indie writers, their ideas are often so fresh and uncomplicated by the big business of publishing and they can deal an uncomprimised version of the tales they wish to tell.
This is so much the case with Penelope Fletcher. I have just finished the first in her series of Rae Wilder novels, Demon Girl, and haven’t come across anything this good, this vibrant in ages, a full blooded fairytale for grown-ups.

‘Demon Girl’ is about Rae, an orphan brought up within the walls of possibly the last human encampament after ‘the rupture’, when the supernatural world took out its fury against humankind, the evil of vampires, shapeshifters, goblins and witches ravaged the world and fed off the remnants. The surviving humans pulled together to create a settlement to protect themselves and fight back. There was no other way.
Into this the fairies are dragged, being seen as another form of Demon and hunted by the Clerics, the ruling human class, trained to protect and fight the Demons and training the next generation, the Disciples, of which Rae is one. Rae is thrown into the middle of this, discovering her own unknown secrets, her link with the cause of the troubles surrounding the world and the role she must play within it all.

The story has been incredibly well put together, leading from each event to the next at breakneck speed, dragging you into the mayhem. The characters are excellent. Fairies aren’t portrayed as your average tinkerbell, but are majestic, magical beings of untold beauty holding the power of the world in balance. The dialogue is modern and doesn’t look back at the perfect pronunciations, but an evolution of language as barriers breakdown across humanity and time takes its toll. You feel the dialects, the way language has disintegrated as chaos descends over the earth. From a story telling point of view there is no single race that is pure and wonderful, all have their own foibles and failings, struggling to keep their kind going, one way or another, for that is all each race has left…

Brilliant writing and story telling from a new and young author who is pushing the boundaries of this genre in some beautiful directions.

Add-on – In the time it took to write this review I got sidetracked so badly by the second book in the series that I’ve now finished that too. Now I’m waiting to get my hands on the next, her writing is that addictive.

5/5 on Amazon.

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  1. What a wonderful review! Thank you!

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